Hagiyaki Spot Dish

This beautiful Hagi ware (萩焼) ceramic dish is handmade by Tairei Tokimatsu in the town of Mine, Yamaguchi prefecture. Hagi ceramics are distinguished by their earthy texture and rich, pockmarked surfaces laced with cracks in the glaze, which are called ‘kannyu’.



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The blushing reddish and creamy white glazes evoke the warmth of human flesh, and over time these colours will take on character and deeper tones with use.

Hagi ware isn’t loudly decorated, the simplicity of its materials and glazes is one of its strongest features. The softness of the clay means that it’s very comfortable to hold, and its low conductivity means it maintains the heat of food or drinks without itself becoming too hot.


It is natural for your Hagi ware to take on a change in colour when it comes into contact with moisture, due to its slightly porous nature. There are a few easy steps you can take to ensure your unique Hagi item remains in primo condition:

Soak the new Hagi ware in water before use.
After use, wash thoroughly by hand and dry well before putting away.
Do not place your Hagi ware in a microwave or oven.


SIZE: 14cm wide
WEIGHT: 165g